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Motivations to Embrace Second Hand Fashion

No matter your lifestyle, purchasing fashion secondhand benefits us personally and the environment tremendously!

Shopping secondhand saves an incredible amount of money, which is great when you find high-quality clothing from brand names you know and trust, paying nowhere near full price!

Fabrics aren’t biodegradable so purchasing secondhand extends garment’s life cycle. Fashion is the world’s 2nd largest polluting industry. Over 60% of used clothing ends up in landfills. Practicing the 5Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent and Repair by buying used clothing promotes the cloth’s sustainability and reduces the garments carbon footprint by over 80%!

Items that are in good condition but are no longer being worn by one individual should be resold or donated, so the next person can enjoy it. Buying preowned sustains fashion. Wearing used clothing made ethically from eco-materials like cotton is wonderful for the environment.

You can personalize your style shopping secondhand! Embracing secondhand shopping originates unique, individualized, trendy style with a variety of classy, vintage fashion that becomes timeless. Fashion can be narrow-minded. Ignore the stigma of used clothing and inspire others to incorporate gently used clothing into their wardrobe and join the fight on fashion!

I am Slay It Again!!!

Blouse, Coach bag, & bracelet purchased Second hand.

Blouse by Dalia, DKNY Jeans, Lucky Brand Peeptoe Boots, & Tagless Sleeveless Anorak jacket purchased second hand.

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