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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Cowboy Boot

More than just a shoe. The Cowboy Boot is part of a lifestyle. It’s one of the key pieces of clothing that can transform a person into something new.

Historically, Cowboy Boots always have a rounded to pointed toe, to help the foot to get into the stirrup. The Cuban heel gave the boot an easier hold in the stirrup. They never have laces to prevent catching onto things and causing harm to the wearer, basically, a real cowboy/girl pulls on his/her boots. The high shaft is made from tough material, usually leather, to protect the wearer from stirrups, horses, snakes, barbed wire, and other nasty things.

Today, the Cowboy Boot is still a closet staple for many whether it's out of necessity or fashion. They come in everything from floral embroidery with overlays rhinestone and stud accents to zebra stripes, the original tall shaft to ankle booties. They're worn dressed up and dressed down. There's a Cowboy Boot to meet everyone's needs and personalities!!! #resale #reseller #gentlyused #secondhandfashion #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #reseller #resellercommunity #ladyboss #resalefashion #womensfashion #mensfashion #kidsfashion #girlsfashion #boysfashion #blogger

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